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Beautiful Business + Book Design Mastermind +
Crazy Fast Websites + TribeCall + Wetware Hacking +
Radical Health, Sun Fire Super Foods + more...

At A Glance...

This site lists a running index of my projects.

Changes occur as my intense ADD + Bipolar tendencies shift my interests.

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You're the right place if...
  • You love Living Well Doing What You Love.
  • You realize Tribe Building replacing Marketing + SEOing + Blogging.
  • You love turning your $1,000,000 ideas into $1,000,000 cashflows.

Getting in touch...

Beautiful Business - The Book + Project

Beautiful Busines
Amazon Kindle Book
Beautiful Business is...
  • "Beautiful Business" is part Art + Science + Tech.
  • Enhancing your speaking + writing craft.
  • Mastering ways to converse with 1,000,000s of people... all day, every day, the easy way.

Getting Started...

Technology + Websites

http://DavidFavor.com/resume My Technical Resume spanning from 1978 - present. This keeps current for the occasional call that comes in from the ethers for high tech contract work. In general, today I only do tech work for myself and for project where I'm a revenue share partner. If you have to ask "what's your rate?" I'm the wrong person for your job.
http://FastSEOHosting.com The start of making public all my Crazy Fast Websites technology as a simple to use Website Hosting Company.
http://CrazyFastWebsites.com Tech for Blazing Fast WordPress Sites for DIYers (Do It Yourself-ers). Along with my infamous Crazy Fast Checklist this site hosts a variety of Crazy Fast Case Studies provided to help with site tuning. One Free Case Study Example is provided.
http://BadBotBlocker.com Bad Bot Blocker blocks any robot/spider/crawler which ignores forbidden entries in robots.txt which can produce serious resource drain and slow down of your Website.

Tribe Building

Inside Track Party Inside Track Party is the catch all Meetup Group I use for public events.
Book Design Mastermind A Beautiful Business project hosted by Inside Track Party sharing the latest Tips + Tricks + Traps of Kindle Publishing.
Beautiful Business "Beautiful Business - Living Well Doing What You Love" is 40,000+ words of my best Tribe Building Tech.

This book rolls up the bootstrapping sequence for http://LiveFeast.com + http://RadicalHealth.com + http://SunFireSuperFoods.com from kitchen table to global enterprise.

Reading this book will most likely change your entire view of SEOing + List Building + Media Buys. If you're attached to how you run your business, best avoid this book, as reading it may cause intense headaches + nausea from rapid, head-spinning change.
Marketing Round Table Conscious Marketing Round Table for several years supporting the Dealer Network selling Sun Fire Super Foods which evolved into an ongoing conversation about High Vibe Marketing which transitioned into Beautiful Business.
http://TribeCall.com Unauthorized content about using http://Meetup.com in ways the Meetup Company never envisioned including - Rapid List Building + Managing Global Tribes.
http://WetwareHacking.com Unauthorized content about Unauthorized Hacking of Your Body + Brain + Being to run @ continuous peak.

Alternative Health Related

http://RadicalHealth.com Hosts 1000+ articles & 4000+ hours of audios codifying the residue of my Alternative Health Client Practice which was open from the late 1980s to 2008ish. Content is being repurposed into Kindle + Audio Books.
http://SunFireSuperFoods.com Place holder site for the Super Food Branding we've used for years. This brand currently ships to 10 countries. Fulfillment is presently moving to http://Amazon.com and this site will become an index to http://Amazon.com product listings and private community forums for product advocates.
http://CertifiedPristine.com My vision of how I'd like to ultimately run product flow for all health products I work with.
http://LiveFeast.com Roughly crafted site used to host Austin,TX Raw Food Feasts for nearly 10 years. It's been atrophied for years and requires all the content to be scraped + merged with http://RadicalHealth.com and a 301 done to this site.