Why This Site is Ugly

The majority of my WordPress Hosting Clients come from talks I give to private Mastermind Groups.

Mastermind Participants only care about results, rather than pretty sites.

Thus this site provide terse information.

If you’re looking for pretty, best look elsewhere.

If you’re looking for Hosting built for Speed and Stability and Security and SEOity you’re the right place.

Current Focus - WordPress Hosting and Tuning

I’ve been generating online income since 1994 and run several companies.

My current focus revolves around Tooling WordPress sites build for extreme Speed and Stability and Security and SEOity.

  1. New Sites - 5,000+ requests/second.

  2. Existing sites - similar numbers and usually requires replacing certain plugins and refining code design/implementation approaches.

Reaching these numbers is fairly easy, if the entire WAMPL Stack runs on servers which are continually tuned, sometimes every few minutes.

WAMPL Stack - WordPress and Apache and MariaDB and PHP and Linux.

MariaDB is a drop in replacement for MySQL, with years of performance and security patches applied to code base, so you don’t have to build MySQL from source and apply these patches yourself.

I’ve been working with WordPress since it was B2 and Linux since it shipped on a stack of 3.5" floppy disks.

Over the years, I’ve developed a set of tools to install WAMPL Stacks inside LXC containers which are pre-tuned to reach high speeds.

I only work on sites I host. This is the fastest and cheapest way I can achieve…​

  1. Extreme WordPress Speeds

  2. Maintain Draconian/Brutal Security

  3. Realtime Track Onsite SEO Factors

I started hosting sites because usually $5,000-$10,000+ was required to bring existing hosting environments to a level which allowed me to start tuning sites.

More cost effective for my clients to host with me, rather than remediate (resolving deficiencies) an existing hosting environment.

Contacting Me

Only contact me if you have a serious project. If your hosting budget is <$100/month, host elsewhere till your traffic and conversions increase to where you require Fast Stable Hosting.

Then Skype me at ID davidfavor and we’ll talk about your project. When you send your Skype Add Contact request, include how you found me (who referred you) and what we’ll be talking about. This will allow me to determine you’re a real human, rather than Skype Bot or Skype Scammer.

My Background

You can peruse my Techical Resume for details about this.

My last 10 years doing onsite client work was at IBM Corp working on HACMP where IBM paid clients $25,000/hour for any outage caused by HACMP.

WordPress Plugins For Improved Performance

  1. Retina Stripper

    • This zero config plugin can dramatically reduce server load and dramatically increase overall site speed, if any theme or plugin you’re using includes the poorly thought out and implemented retina.js library. Retina Stripper README covers technical details. Reading will cure even the most advanced insomnia.

Blazing Fast Websites

In 2005, I retired from onsite client work and began using what I learned starting from my first consulting gig in 1979 for my own projects.

In 2013, a general mutiny at a Keith Baxter Mastermind ensued between members where they demanded I make my tech available to them…​ so…​ to escape the room with my life I agreed.

At the time I thought the massive saturation of hosting companies meant there were many companies providing high speed hosting. I was wrong. Hardly any hosting company can deliver this simple premise.

This became evident when I migrated my first client off an expensive Rackspace server to a $100/month (well tuned) server and their WordPress site throughput increased from 0.66 requests/second to 5000+ requests/second.

I still run Sun Fire Super Foods so I have good food on my table.

I still speak about Radical Health and Wetware Hacking and Redoing Yourself in backroom Masterminds and underground conferences.

And for the rest of my life, my primary focus will likely be turning my private hosting services into public facing services.

Tech Used

How I do this is simple.

  1. Use http://Ubuntu.com for host system environment.

  2. Use LXC containers (Ubuntu or Alpine) for sites.

  3. Run LXC containers on specific server machine hardware…​

    • Many CPUs, to reduce context switching. This is where a CPU has to suspend and point to another place in memory to execute new code. Many slow CPUs always run faster than few fast CPUs for Websites.

    • Have massive memory available and tune sites to always run out of memory, so only disk reads for sites occur on first visit to a page. Only disk writes occur when a database record is updated.

Pretty simple to understand. Most sites are disk bound. They constantly thrash disk, meaning same records are read over and over to render a site page view.

Running out of memory simply circumvents all these slow disk operations.

How Much Will This Cost You?

Sites I host range from $100/month to $1,000/month on average. I have hosted some sites at $10,000/month for a client which had to deal with 500,000+ uniques/hour for November and December of one year.

Site cost relates to resources required to run a site. This has very little to do with page views or uniques. If a site is tooled well, very little resource is required to deliver content pages. Tooled poorly, some low traffic sites require massive resources.

In general, if you’re paying $100+/month I can assist you. If you’re paying $1,000+/month likely I’ll help you sleep way better at night as providing similar cost services from me, will likely increase your conversions and produce a far more stable site.