David Favor Resume

January 6th, 2016
3920 Idalia Drive
Austin, Texas 78749
Phone: 512-282-4308
Skype: davidfavor

Resume Overview

Since 1972, Marketing - Copywriting. Email marketing. Ad Network Marketing. Face-To-Face selling. Direct mail. Radio publicity.

Since 1974, Public Speaking - Blazing Fast LAMP + LXD + WordPress sites. Consciousness. Life/Biz Design. High Performance Health.

Since 1978, Tech Consulting - System Architect. Analyst. Developer. Project Manager and Marketer on diverse projects.

Current Projects

https://WPFastSites.com - Front facing WordPress Hosting site.

https://DavidFavor.com/books - Past books I've published.

https://RadicalHealth.com - Runs on automatic. Shipping product to 10+ countries.

Skills Summary

Since 1978, 39+ years - Hardware + Software Consulting.

Since 1994, 20+ years - Linux, Apache, Perl, PHP, MariaDB/MySQL creating high bandwidth community portal sites with associated online + offline marketing copy/campaigns. Setup my first garage based, self hosted, Web business in 1994.

Since 2011, 6+ years - LXC/LXD Containers High Traffic Websites + Development infrastructures.

Since 2001, 16+ years - Wordpress since it was called B2.

Since 2001, 16+ years - LAMP Stacks including audio/video streaming.

Industry Summary

Industries in which I have worked include commercial software development, semiconductor fabrication, oil exploration, airline reservations, global telecommunication control systems, aircraft manufacturing and chemical production.


Excellent health. No travel restrictions (valid passport). Consulting and public speaking on topics including longevity; peak creative performance; replicated, highly available applications and data; high yield, viral marketing.

Project Details

:::: WPFastSites.com - Owner (Austin, Texas), January 2000 to present

LAMP/LXD WordPress Websites tooled for Speed + Stability + Security + SEOity. Blazing Fast + Secure (from Kernel to WordPress) + Self Tuning + Self Healing + Near 100% Uptime.

In the past, I've only taken clients by referral. This will be first front facing Websites.

:::: IBM - Consultant (Austin, Texas), April 1997 to March 2005

Design, Implementation & Customer Service of Highly Available (HACMP/HAGEO) Clusters. Assisting ISVs and end-users developing Highly Available applications and porting legacy code into a Highly Available runtime environment.

Software developer for the HA product family in C, C++, Perl and KSH.

CRIT-SIT (Critical Situation) technical team member. Responsible for turning lemons into lemonade by conducting sensitive negotiations required to preserve and expand IBM presence in challenging situations where customer satisfaction has been compromised.

:::: IBM - System Architect (Austin, Texas), October 1996 to March 1997

Architecture for HACMP/AIX/Java version of the OM Click Trader (Commodities and Futures trading system), ported from VMS and C.

:::: IBM - Senior Developer (Austin, Texas), June 1995 to February 1996

Pre-release work on HotJava and Java for AIX. Port of the OS/2 WebExplorer to AIX in C.

:::: The Corridor - CEO/Senior Architect (Austin, Texas), June 1994 to Sept 2000

Productizing and marketing Open Source CORBA and clustering technologies for ISVs porting products to Linux from IBM HACMP/HAGEO, Sun Cluster, HP Service Guard, NCR LifeKeeper and Digital TruClusters.

Highly available (replicated/load balanced) Web content, database, mail and applications in C, C++, Java and Perl.

:::: Motorola - System Architect (Austin, Texas), June 1993 to May 1995

Development of Motif and SAS/AF based Yield Analysis tools including EDAS, EIS, DEVIS and method libraries to abstract access to GUI services interfacing with large VMS and HPUX Oracle databases (Synergy). These tools provide engineers with ad-hoc data extraction and graphical analysis of wafer fabrication data in C.

:::: Tandem - Developer (Austin, Texas), April 1993 to May 1993

Enhancement of the UNIX kernel, shells, X-Windows and Motif for the Non-Stop UNIX operating system in C.

:::: Dazel - System Architect (Austin, Texas), January 1993 to March 1993

Development of the Motif-based Dazel GUI, which controls the MIT Palladium document delivery system, enterprise-wide device access (via DCE) and system management functions in C.

:::: Tivoli Systems - Developer (Austin, Texas), June 1992 to December 1992

Enhancement of an object-oriented application framework that implements a GUI system administration tool (Works) for large networks. Participated in the preliminary design of OSF/DME and an extensible method server that processes shell scripts, executables and dynamically linked libraries in C.

:::: Eaton Semiconductor - Developer (Austin, Texas), November 1991 to May 1992

Extended and optimized a custom Motif-based widget set used to represent and control a variety of complex electrical, pneumatic and optical components used in semiconductor ion implantation equipment (NV8200P) in C.

:::: Chevron Oil - Developer (Houston, Texas), February 1991 to October 1991

Enhancement and conversion of a character-based user interface tool-kit (TTI) from VMS/FORTRAN to UNIX/C and Motif. Development of a code management system that allows UNIX developers to incrementally develop VMS and MVS projects without learning DCL, JCL or operating system details in C and FORTRAN.

:::: ARCO - Developer (Plano, Texas), September 1990 to January 1991

Enhancement of the OSF/EASE product, an application development environment and API that abstracts operating system services (GUI, database, network) independent of target platform. Collaborated on the implementation of a software environment that supported programming, configuration management and release control for cross-platform development of OSF/EASE and FORTRAN.

:::: American Airlines - GUI Architect (DFW, Texas), February 1990 to August 1990

Design and development of the Motif/Oracle/UNIX-based ICAPS product, which supports the daily operations of commercial airlines including profitability analysis, reservations, flight and crew scheduling, planned maintenance and spares deployment in C.

:::: Hewlett Packard - System Architect (Seattle, Washington), December 1989 to January 1990

Design and development of an on-line document management system (STIP) for Naval shipyards in FORTRAN.

:::: IBM - Developer (Westlake, Texas), September 1989 to November 1989

Design and prototyping of the MS-DOS OfficeVision client in C.

:::: CogniSeis - Developer (Houston, Texas), April 1989 to August 1989

Porting and optimization of the DISCO geophysical analysis product from VMS to UNIX in C and FORTRAN.

:::: Texas Instruments - Developer (Houston, Texas), November 1988 to March 1989

Design and development of the GeoSys geophysical analysis product in C.

:::: Shell Oil - Developer (Houston, Texas), November 1987 to October 1988

Enhancement and optimization of a real-time control system (CAO) that supports the daily operations of oil production facilities. Prototyping of an X-Windows replacement system in C and FORTRAN.

:::: GTE Sprint - Developer (Los Colinas, Texas), April 1987 to October 1988

Enhancement of a real-time control system for telecommunications networks using MPE and VMS in SPL (C-like) and FORTRAN.

:::: MCI Telecommunications - Database Architect (Plano, Texas), January 1986 to March 1987

Enhancement of a real-time control system (NACS) for telecommunications networks in FORTRAN.

:::: Celanese Fibers - Database Architect (Narrows, Virginia), April 1985 to December 1985

Enhancement of a real-time control system for the extrusion of synthetic materials in FORTRAN.

:::: Prestwick Circuits - Developer (Dallas, Texas), October 1984 to March 1985

Production readied a three-axis robot used for the rapid prototyping of printed circuit boards in C.

:::: SEDCO Offshore Drilling - Developer (Dallas, Texas), June 1983 to September 1984

Enhancement and maintenance of several real-time control systems used on offshore oil exploration vessels including ship-wide power management/distribution, dynamic vessel positioning and video monitoring of well-head operations using HP/RTE and VMS in SPL (C-like) and FORTRAN.

:::: Boeing Electronics - Test Engineer (Irving, Texas), June 1980 to May 1983

Design and development of software and hardware associated with the automatic testing of commercial avionics packages (727, 737, 747, 757 and 767 aircraft). Enhancement of the PMS-3000 (Shop Floor, Production Management) product SPL (C-like) and FORTRAN.

:::: Dallas Instruments - Technical Sales (Plano, Texas), July 1978 to May 1980

Marketing, design, prototyping and production associated with a product line of custom analog and digital panel instruments, set-point controllers and strip chart recorders.